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Hornbill River Resort Dandeli

Hornbill River Resort is very close to the Dandeli / Ganeshgudi Kali Hydel Project. The Hornbill River Resort is surrounded by the thick forest with its majestic, magnificent kali river is genuinely a paradise on earth. The very entrance of Hornbill River Resort makes you forget your daily routine busy life and multiplies your happiness and peace of mind. It is a calm, quite, serene area with the beautiful kali river flowing just beside the Hornbill River Resort.
Hornbill River Resort Dandeli Hornbill River Resort Dandeli


Cluster Room : Rs. 4000 per person / Day
Cottages : Rs. 3500 per person / Day
Tree house : Rs. 5500 per person / Day
Rock house : Rs. 4500 per person / Day
Includes :
01 Lunch, 01 Dinner ( Veg/Non-Veg ), 01 Breakfast, One Boat Ride, Island visit (Where you can enjoy Natural Jacuzzi Bath) Trekking, Bird Watching/Nature Walk & Fishing.
The reception counter with its mind blowing setting displays the poster of various activities offered by the resort. The arrangement of the entrance hall, its structure and setup in eye catching. Natural look is given to the resort on account of its kali river view from closer contact. The tree top rooms made from natural bamboo and the stoned rooms add beauty to natural surrounding. The whole are of the resort in the heart of the jungle is soothing to one’s eyes.
Hornbill River Resort Dandeli Hornbill River Resort Dandeli
Hornbill River Resort Dandeli Hornbill River Resort Dandeli
Hornbill River Resort Dandeli Hornbill River Resort Dandeli
Hornbill River Resort Dandeli Hornbill River Resort Dandeli

Hornbill River Resort Dandeli is not quite far from cities like Dharwad and Goa. It is 60 kms and 120 kms away from Dharwad and Goa respectively. Hornbill Resort attracts visitors not only from different states but also from different countries of the Globe.

The activities offered by the Dandeli Hornbill River Resort are worth enjoying. The most interesting, exciting and adventurous activity which is enjoyed by the visitors of all ages is White Water Rafting. This water sport takes you into the water world. It is a sport in the kali river where you float in the water on an inflatable raft for about 18 – 20 kms. You will be provided with life saving jacket and helmet. Expert and trained rafts man will guide. The rafters in this regard. This is one of the rare water sports.

Besides coracle riding, boating, kayaking and other water sports which are re-creative and joyous. Even here one is instructed by trained guides.

Other activities which take you into the wonderland are Rappelling, Trekking, Jungle Safari, Bird Watching and so on. Rappelling is a challenging activity where in you will have to slide form a huge cliff with the help of a strong well set rope. The expert guides help us to enjoy this. The youngster love it.

Jungle Safari is made in an open jeep early in habitat like bear, elephant, spotted panther foxes and Bison. Bird watching takes you into the world of different speices of birds. A variety of beautiful colour birds especially Hornbills with a combination of black, white with yellow beaks are worth observing. In short we can only say that ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’.

Nature has sufficient to make man healthy and fit. Here is our Kali river in Dandeli and its surrounding, to take care of its visitors and render her yeoman service. River Kali with its fast flowing rapids on the natural stones offers a natural massage to its visitors unbiased.This massage is very popular as Jacuzzi.

Thus whatever you require from nature is provided through a proper channel that is Hornbill River Resort.