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Dandeli Hotels & Homestays

Uttar Kannada district and to be precise Dandeli town is famous for its eye catching, hills, mesmerizing deep valleys green and thick forest covers, roaring water falls and the free movements of the wild animals and the birds. The rivers, rivulets and streams flowing towards the sea in its own natural force, solacing the souls of the swelling tourists day by day.

This flow of the tourists in large number has created an opportunity for Dandeli hotels and homestays in the vicinity of Dandeli .The homestays are either the conversion of the farmhouses or simple but comfortable rooms constructed in thick jungles suitable for all types of tourists with low as well as high budgets. There are also a number of dormitories which can accommodate about 50 to 200 low budget tourists at a time.

The activities offered by the Dandeli hotels and homestays are a thrilling experience. The best part of the whole tour is the tasty flavors of the kitchen the sizzle and the splitter of the cooking viands, the aroma of the boiling food and the feel of the hot and varied texture on the teeth and tongue is very warm and bonding experience.


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Birchi Farm house ipm jungle stay sw homestay